This is a Star Vinyl Princess Castle, sold and installed by Play King at one of our South Florida customer homes. We also supplied and installed the rubber mulch, and color coordinating the mulch with the playset makes for a visually consistent installation.

Our team of professional installers is trained in both Woodplay and Star Vinyl, and our experience dealing with our South Florida summers- heat, humidity, and storms- gives you the confidence you need when planning an installation. Whether it's a giant vinyl set like this one, or a simple Woodplay Jungle Swinger, your safety, security, and fun are what our team concentrates on.

A job like this requires a lot of coordination. We are able to 'mix and match' colors and accessories to insure that the playset is exactly what you and your family want. We have over 1000 installations in Florida and are happy to share pictures and details. We provide free estimates in our service area, and our goal is to make your backyard the perfect play area for your family. Please call or email us with any questions, more pictures, or more information.